05 July, 2011

messy bitch

Well, here's the photo that I was inspired by.

 Then i just take it to the next level..

Btw, I covered my brows, so that's why they look so fake. I wanted more lid space to work with and I also wanted to change up my brow shape little. ALSO, my skintone isn't that dark, I went like 2 shades darker than i normally do. I didn't blend it that well into my neck, boo. 

I'm not really pleased with how the gold turned out, I foiled gold shadow with water but meh, I wanted it to be WAAAY more metallic.

aaaaand, can we please have a moment to talk about how messy person I am?! This is my hand, and it ALWAYS looks like this after im done with my makeup. haha. 


  1. BADASS! Seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY amazing.

  2. SilhouetteScreams: thank yooou!

  3. Oot kyllä ihan sairaan hyvä meikkaamaan! Oon KADE! :-)

    Sut on haastettu :-)

  4. todella makee! pakko kysyä miten sait ton valkoisen valumisjutun? mitä ainetta se on, siis... maskeeraja kiittää tiedosta :)

  5. Tinja: se on ihan vaan meikkivoidetta :)

  6. Oot kyllä tosi taitava meikkaaja, toivottavasti saat alasta vielä ammatin joskus =) Muuten, se sun aikasemmin tekemä kulmakarvojen peitto- postaus oli tosi mielenkiintonen!